We're doing some house keeping

Some time back, a few years now, as social media was taking off, we changed our focus to concentrate on publishing our news predominately to social media.
Social media was giving us better views and engagement and leveraged the new habit receiving content pushed to the viewer, rather than the viewer having to visit a website regularly.
Since then, while building a large social media audience (greater than 20,000 likers on Facebook alone) there has been growing criticism of social media, in particular Facebook and it’s behaviour with respect to privacy and the behaviour of some users such as bullying and trolling  ….. basically the haters. Oh, and lets not forget fake news and click baiting!
So we are going to start posting our stories here again regularly, like we did in the old days.
A kind of insurance if you like, if the big social media players continue to fall out of favour.
This is our site, run on our servers, with our rules and serving the local Sunshine Coast Community.
We’re aiming to have new ideas and better content to have you wanting to visit regularly.
If you have a story idea or a news tip, let us know at editor@viewnews.com.au
Charles Hodgson