Week of Champions at Caloundra Christian College

24 August, 2012
Author: Charles Hodgson

Book Week celebrations at Caloundra Christian College were truly a ‘champion’ effort by the whole College community this week. Following on from the national theme of ‘Champions Read’, the week began with a huge ‘Opening Ceremony’, Olympic- style. Children wore costumes of their favourite champions, and each class created their own class banner. A special awards ceremony saw Mrs. Dorothy Barker recognized as a ‘Community Champion’ for all her years of service to the Church, to the College, and most recently, to the charity which she founded, “Reach an Orphan”, which fundraises money for the poorest children in Africa.
Also organised throughout the week were visits by various ‘community champions’ – from local Police Officers, Emergency Paramedics, and Majors in the Army Reserves, to more ‘relatable’ champions for the younger students – ex-students who had achieved amazing success in the sporting arena, or who had overcome major health difficulties.
“Our students were just so enthusiastic,” said Mrs. Allysa Lofthouse, the College Teacher Librarian. “They responded so well to the visitors – and the visitors certainly seemed to enjoy their time here too. I guess they felt good to be appreciated for the work they do, which – although it is heroic – may not often be recognized or appreciated,” she added.