Water savings in Beerwah

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Beerwah Sportsground, Beerwah Aquatic Centre and Sunshine Coast Council have been working together to make efficient use of water resources in Beerwah.
Council made a recent upgrade to its pump system to enable backwash water from the Beerwah Aquatic Centre to be made available to the Sportsground for use on their football fields.
Division 1 Councillor, Anna Grosskreutz said it was a fantastic example of community groups, council and business working together on sustainable solutions for the area.
“The water from the Aquatic Centre is perfectly safe and it makes sense to use this water in a place where it is needed.”
“The Beerwah Sportsground will make huge financial savings as the costs of irrigating with town water will be dramatically reduced,” Cr Grosskreutz said.
Glasshouse Mountains resident Bob McLean said 80,000 litres of water is now available every week for the football fields.
“The water was previously going to waste and is now going to have a third life and save the sportsground committee thousands of dollars a year. It’s a great outcome for everyone,” Mr McLean said.
Caretaker, Ray Hawkins said there has been a lot of activity on the two football fields at the Beerwah Sportsground recently.
“The fields at the Sportsground have been pounded by foot traffic over many years and the surface had become very compacted,” said Mr Hawkins.
“The community responded to a call for assistance and provided many hours of volunteer work to have the fields cored, aerated, top dressed and fertilised. The fields were also treated to control unwanted weeds and grass and then watered to get the grass growing.
“The final part to the project was to work with council and the Beerwah Aquatic Centre to access the backwash water.
“We installed 40 meters of poly pipe and a couple of valves and now the water is being used through a travelling irrigator to water the two playing fields.
“The rejuvenated grass has a new lease on life and will be ready for the 2012 football season.”