Watch your water usage

With the State Government’s permanent water restrictions back in place today, Unitywater encourages customers to remain conscious of their water use.
Unitywater Executive Manager Retail Judy Bailey said that as summer approached, usage was rising across the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions.
Latest figures from Queensland Water Commission reveal that from November 11 to November 18, usage climbed to 240 litres/day per person on the Sunshine Coast and 204 litres/day per person across Moreton Bay.
The State Government lifted permanent water restrictions from Wednesday November 16 to Sunday November 27.
All restrictions are now back in place.
Ms Bailey encouraged customers to conserve water and go to the Unitywater website for conservation tips.
Residents and businesses should check their water meters every fortnight so they were aware of how much they were using and could identify potential problems like concealed leaks, she said.
To 10 water saving tips:
1. Read your water meter and check for leaks regularly.
2. Install water-efficient devices, especially shower heads.
3. Install a rainwater tank.
4. Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are full each time.
5. Water gardens and lawns in the cooler times of the day and only water if you have to.
6. Choose drought-tolerant plant and lawn species.
7. Keep showers to less than four minutes.
8. Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth.
9. Scrape plates clean instead of rinsing.
10. Do not use running water to thaw food.