Warming Up the Coast with Free Dance Workshops for Kids and Adults

Dance Energy Winter Workshops
Bringing back community through dance.
Bringing back community through dance.

Dance Energy Studios is hosting a series of dance workshops for free in the hopes of bringing back a sense of community.

Claire O’Shea, Principal and owner of local dance studio, Dance Energy Studios on Bulcock Street, is hoping that hosting Free Dance Workshops will bring a sense of community spirit back to Caloundra after a tough time throughout Term 2.

O’Shea mentions, “It has been a very trying time for many students and their families, so we’re doing our best to make our classes accessible to new and returning families for the remainder of the year. Dance is a great vehicle for shaping well rounded, kind, healthy and active people in the community, so we’re excited to offer the free workshop classes in the school holidays.”

Being a small business, Dance Energy Studios took a hit (along with many other small businesses) during the coronavirus pandemic. But O’Shea kept her spirits high for the benefit of her students. “Although it has been a difficult time for myself as a small business owner, I was more concerned about the students being isolated from the studio and their friends.

Thankfully, we were able to hold classes in a specialised online format that allowed for connection, improvement, socialisation, health and fitness and that was really amazing because it gave us the ability to see what was really important.”

Dance, being a universal language for all walks of life is a great way to nurture creativity, stay fit and bring communities closer. O’Shea is hoping that the Free Workshops will spread the word that dance is back up and running, with an approved Covid Safe plan, a regular cleaning schedule and social distancing measures to ensure not only the safety of students but also joy and positive spirits.

“We’re very excited to be back at the studio for Term 3 and what’s also exciting is that we will be going ahead with our end of year concert plans. Some things may be slightly different this year, but we’re positive that it’s going to hold the same magic as all our end of year concerts.”

The workshops will be held on Saturday the 11th July and will cater for all ages, from toddlers to teens to adults. If you would like more information about the Free Dance Workshops, email admin@danceenergystudios.net.au.