Wallace welcomes deBrenni announcement on insurance exclusions

The Sunshine Coast Daily is reporting this morning (link below), that the State Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni for Springwood is proposing new laws which will allow licenced Queensland certifiers to hold professional indemnity insurance with cladding-related exclusions.

Andrew Wallace – LNP Federal Member for Fisher has been calling for such changes for many weeks, fearing the construction industry across Queensland and importantly the Sunshine Coast, would grind to a halt as private certifiers become unable to obtain Professional Indemnity insurance without such exclusions.

The federal member is in Canberra for the opening of the new parliament but has responded to our questions as to whether he thought the sudden change was a vindication of his campaign and whether there had already been damage done to the private certification industry caused by the delay and uncertainty.

The announcement story from the Sunshine Coast Daily can be found here: https://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/exclusive-lifeline-cast-in-construction-industry-c/3768573/