Vital Council funding for Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Dr Amber Gillett Cr Anna Gross Kreutz Murray Munro

Dr Amber Gillett Cr Anna Gross Kreutz Murray Munro Australia Zoo
Councillor Anna Gross Kreutz (centre) talks with Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Vet Dr Amber Gillett and Murray Munro (right) about the hospital's latest patient, a Hawksbill sea turtle

Sunshine Coast Council will provide the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital with $150,000 over three years to help native wildlife in need of care.
Division 1 Councillor Anna Grosskreutz said that the Wildlife Hospital provides an essential service for the rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife such as koalas and wallabies.
“The provision of financial support to the wildlife hospital is one way that council contributes to the protection of wildlife on the Sunshine Coast,” Cr Grosskreutz said.
“It is a vital rescue service for native wildlife that are rehabilitated before being released back into the wild.
“All native wildlife admitted to the hospital will benefit from this grant.”
Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Appeals Manager, Murray Munro said that the grant is of significant importance to the Wildlife Hospital.
“Over 8,500 animals were treated at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in 2010 and this grant will go a long way to helping our future patients,” Mr Munro said.