Venomous fish move house at UnderWater World

UnderWater World on the Sunshine Coast will make its most delicate animal move today, as they relocate two of the world’s most venomous fish.
The animal care team will don protective gear today moving two Estuarine Stonefish and six lionfish to a new zone in the attraction as work begins for the second stage of its two year, $6.5 million refurbishment.UnderWater World Curator of Fishes Kate Willson said the animal team have to be extra cautious when moving the stonefish from their existing home at the Weird and Wonderful zone.
“The team will be on alert when moving the Estuarine stonefish to ensure the safety of the animal and the team during the move. The stonefish is an ambush predator by nature and it’s important to note that if it’s aggravated its 13 venomous spines will strike up,” she said.
“The stonefish are very unique creatures, often camouflaging as a rock and are said to attack in 0.015 of a second if they feel threatened. The venom, however, is only activated by pressure and it’s very common for people to step on its venomous spines in the wild by mistaking it as a rock while walking in shallow waters.”
The two stonefish will be moved alongside the six lionfish, another exceptional creature from the popular Weird and Wonderful zone, to its exciting new home in the Crawly Creatures zone.
From 2014, the revitalised UnderWater World will become part of the world famous SEA LIFE brand, and incorporate SEA LIFE into its name.