UnderWater World ray back home

UnderWater World Resident Ray Returns Home 4

A much loved resident ray has arrived back home to UnderWater World after a 10 month holiday at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. The brown ray was carefully transported by marine experts yesterday then released into its new home, Bay of Rays, a new area in the ocean tank, which has recently undergone $3.5m refurbishment.
The brown ray was relocated to SeaWorld while work was completed on the new ocean tank’s four new zones; Bay of Rays, Shark Shipwreck, Coral Cove and Turtle Temple. Now reopened, the ray and many more animals are continuing to return to the attraction after enjoying ‘holidays’ at various aquariums around Australia.
UnderWater World curator Mark Smith, said the ray had taken to its new home swimmingly.

“It’s great to see all our animals returning home and thriving in their new environment in the ocean tank. The whole team here at UnderWater World are so passionate about our animals so it’s exciting to see animals we’ve cared for, for many years, healthy and flourishing” he said.

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Photo credit: UnderWater World