Tree switcheroo scheduled at Coolum Beach in June

3 June, 2012
Author: Charles Hodgson

Due to growing safety concerns Sunshine Coast Council has scheduled the removal and replacement of a Norfolk Island Pine Tree (Araucaria heterophylla) along David Low Way at Coolum Beach.
Division 9 Councillor Stephen Robinson said local residents and visitors to the popular Coolum Beach boardwalk may have noticed the large Norfolk Island Pine Tree opposite 1732 David Low Way that overhangs the walk area.
“The tree has been leaning against the handrail for a number of years, which council has been monitoring,” he said.
“Unfortunately the wounding caused by contact with the rail is at such a stage that the tree will not be able to effectively defend itself against pathogen and fungal infection.
“Another concern is the tree has not started to correct its lean which suggests it is worsening.
“In considering the potential for damage or injury to passersby, vehicles and or surrounding infrastructure, council has determined it is necessary to remove the leaning Norfolk tree.
“Later this month the tree will be replaced with a new Norfolk Island Pine and several coastal She-Oaks.
“Local residents and businesses have been engaged and informed about the tree conflict and its forced removal and replacement.”
The replacement works are scheduled to take place in mid to late June.