Traffic crash, Beerburrum

Photo – AGL Action Rescue Helicopter

Emergency services responded to reports of a two vehicle road traffic crash on the Steve Irwin Way, Beerburrum around 2.15pm.
Fire crews used hydraulic cutting equipment to release two persons who were trapped.
These persons were both transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital.
A 35-year-old woman was airlifted with serious head injuries in a critical condition and a 50-year-old woman was transported with abdomen pain in a stable condition.
A man was also treated on scene by paramedics and was transported to Caboolture Hospital with minor injuries.


  1. I am very sorry for these two people but i would like to know how this happened on a straight stretch of road. Clealry someone was not paying attention or going to fast for this to happen. I am pleased to see that we are no longer calling these incidents accidents as they are clearly not an accident and as stated they are a crash due to someone’s stupidity or lack of concentration.

  2. Well yes – looks like human error – but to be quite frank- when is it not human error?
    I am a rep on the road and I come across bad intersections etc all the time….so caution is always the key. A road doesnt cause a crash – people do.
    I know the lady that was involved in this accident. She has three young children at home and I
    pray she pulls through.

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