Tourism Noosa’s new marketing campaign, featuring the Noosa Biosphere

30 July, 2020
Author: Charles Hodgson

The Noosa Biosphere will be promoted as part of Tourism Noosa’s new marketing campaign designed to entice Australian visitors to Noosa this winter and beyond.

Tourism Noosa CEO Melanie Anderson said the campaign launched last week with a series of social/ digital teasers and a message to ‘Get ready to enter the Biosphere’ with fun messaging about what a Biosphere Reserve is before officially revealing today the campaign …. Enter the Biosphere.

“The Enter the Biosphere campaign will position Noosa as a must visit for Australian travellers and shares with the rest of Australia, the meaning of what a Biosphere Reserve is”.

“The campaign tagline ‘Enter the Biosphere’ welcomes visitors to the Noosa UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, one of only two Biosphere Reserves in Queensland, and the only biosphere that joins another biosphere in the world, the Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve”.

“We are taking visitors on a journey to discover the many and varied ways they can enjoy the region while sharing what it means to be a biosphere – where people and nature live together in harmony and how the built environment was thoughtfully designed to enhance and preserve the natural environment of this beautiful destination”.

“The campaign tells the rest of Australia about the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, which is built around a tapestry of waterways, nature ecosystems and national parks. Complementing this are thriving local villages with boutique shopping, award-winning restaurants, breweries and distilleries, accommodation to suit all tastes and plenty of adventure options just waiting to be explored!”

“Our nature experiences such as kayaking through the Noosa Everglades, surfing one of Noosa’s famous surfing breaks, exploring the Noosa North Shore and walking through the Noosa National Park are major drawcards for attracting visitors to our region and the campaign will highlight this”.

“The campaign capitalises on consumer sentiment with a desire to travel to clean, green and safe destinations, particularly in the current COVID world. Fortunately, Noosa doesn’t have to work too hard to demonstrate its alignment to this consumer desire” said Ms Anderson.


The campaign features a highly targeted digital campaign featuring animation across multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, including digital advertising with The Weekend Edition, Broadsheet, The Financial Review and print advertising in lifestyle and travel magazines, all targeting the drive market and interstate markets that are able to travel to Noosa.

Adding another layer of interactivity to the campaign, a collection of social media GIFs for Noosa and Biosphere imagery will be developed showcasing the uniqueness of Noosa’s Biosphere – from the World Surfing Reserve landmark, to boating on the river, people walking through the National Park and Noosa’s icon wild bush turkeys!

The key call-to-action for all activity is a campaign microsite which will  direct visitors to unique Noosa experiences from the beaches, to river life,  the Noosa country and the natural wonders of the region. Accommodation and tour deals will be included and a series of biosphere experience trails will be featured.