Tourism Noosa members vote to stay independent

31 October, 2012
Author: Charles Hodgson

Tourism Noosa members today unanimously voted at the Annual General Meeting to remain a strong and independent organisation and not merge with the other tourism organisation, Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd.
Tourism Noosa’s Chairman Mr Steve McPharlin said due to a previously arranged requirement between Tourism Noosa and Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd there was a stipulation to put a merger suggestion between the two organisations to Tourism Noosa members to vote on.
“Tourism Noosa has met its obligations by asking our members their position on a possible merger and the very strong answer was to remain as an independent strong tourism organisation” Mr McPharlin said.
“The Tourism Noosa Board and Management thank their members for their positive endorsement. This is a clear recognition of the significant work that has been done to build the high brand awareness of Noosa. As an organisation we will continue to work with all stakeholders including Tourism Queensland, Sunshine Coast Council and Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd to further meet our goals of ensuring Noosa is one of Australia’s leading tourism destinations”.
“In this vein, Tourism Noosa has today launched the Noosa Sustainable Destination Action Plan 2013-2016 as part of setting the new strategic vision for the future. The vision outlines priorities, actions and measures to take the industry forward over the next three to five years with the aim of increasing the annual value of tourism to $1 billion by 2016” Mr McPharlin added.