Theresa Blumel to run for council

Theresa Blumel

Theresa Blumel
Theresa Blumel - Candidate Division 8

Theresa Blumel will run as a candidate for Division 8 in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council election in March 2012.
The 23-year-old Marcoola local said she was running for council because she wanted to continue the great work that had been started by current Division 8 councillor Debbie Blumel who has stepped up to run as a mayoral candidate.
“I’m running because over the last 4 years great things have started to happen in our local community and I want to continue that positive approach,” Ms Blumel said.
“I have the energy, enthusiasm and dedication to stand up for my local community and I look forward to meeting regularly with local community groups to build our community and protect our lifestyle.
“I have been out and about, meeting community-minded people in the local area who want to see Division 8 progress. I’m passionate about delivering for this area in partnership with these community champions.
“I’m committed to working on local projects like streetscape upgrades but I also want to shape the big picture issues such as water reform, protecting our natural environment and strengthening business opportunities.”
Theresa Blumel is a born and bred Sunshine Coast local who attended Stella Maris primary school and Immanuel Lutheran College. Theresa graduated with degrees in science and education from the University of the Sunshine Coast and now teaches children with autism.
Mayoral candidate Debbie Blumel said that Theresa is a strong minded, independent young woman with a passion for community. “Theresa is a people-person and a great organiser. I have no doubt she will work hard for the people of Division 8.
“I think our young people have a great deal to offer the community. It’s great to see them getting involved in politics for good old fashioned reasons.”
Theresa said “As a young person, I will bring a fresh energetic approach to the new Council and help make the Sunshine Coast a great place for families to work and live.”