The grass is greener in Moffat Beach

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Moffat Beach Park, the picturesque surfside park on the corner of Seaview Terrace and Queen of Colonies Parade in Moffat Beach will be even more inviting this summer.
Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said Sunshine Coast Council is currently installing an irrigation system in the park to ensure it remains in pristine condition.
“This particular park is an extremely popular place for picnic goers, daycare groups and even weddings but its being ‘loved to death’ due to this high usage,” he said.
“This new irrigation system will really help the turf in the park to recover from the heavy human traffic it attracts and ensure it is in the best possible condition for locals and tourists to enjoy.
“The irrigation system will operate during nighttime hours and should be operational by Friday November 30 – just in time for the start of summer.”
Fencing and signage will be in place around the work site while installation of the irrigation system is in progress.