The Gift of Compassion

Kiera Webb (2)Ask any 10 year old what they’d like for their birthday and they’d no doubt reel off a list of options; everything from a new surfboard to an iPad Mini.
But Year 4 Immanuel student Kiera Webb is not like other 10 year olds. When asked recently what she wanted to do for her 10th birthday, she replied that she wanted a party where everyone makes a donation to the SMILE Foundation. Kiera decided to hold a disco for her classmates with the entry fee being a donation and by the end of the party, she’d raised $515.
The SMILE Foundation is a national charity that was established in 2007 to improve the quality of life of children with a rare disease or condition. SMILE provides financial assistance to families and supports research relating to rare childhood medical conditions.
“A friend of ours has a child who suffers from Crouzon Syndrome which is a rare genetic condition and Kiera found out about the SMILE Foundation through them,” said Kiera’s mum Danielle.
“Kiera wanted to help other children less fortunate than she and her sisters and discovered there are a lot of childhood diseases that have been overlooked and don’t have a registered charity. That’s where the SMILE Foundation comes in,” said Danielle.
“We talked about it and agreed to forward whatever funds could be raised in lieu of birthday presents,” she said.
“Kiera’s efforts are to be commended. What a wonderful act of kindness and compassion,” said Principal David Bliss.
“We are indeed blessed to have students from such a young age committed to helping others,” he said.
In Australia today, there are 8,000 rare diseases affecting over 2 million Australians including 400,000 children. To find out more about the SMILE Foundation, go to