The clean-up continues on the Sunshine Coast

Alan (Fox) Rogers – Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group Coordinator

With the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group now in recovery phase, Coordinator Alan (Fox) Rogers said the main focus today would be on the safety and welfare of people.
“Energex crews continue their tremendous efforts in restoring power across the region, with 17,000 homes still without power as of this morning.” Mr Rogers said.
“One of the most important messages today, even in the sunny conditions, continues to be for people, and particularly children, to not enter flood waters, whether it is to drive through or to play in.
“It is tempting but people are putting their lives, and the lives of those emergency staff and volunteers, called to rescue them – at risk. It’s not worth it – remember, if it’s flooded – forget it.
“Beaches remain closed due to continuing dangerous surf conditions, with seven beach accesses damaged up and down the Coast.
“Importantly, with the power out now in some areas for up to 48 hours, people now need to pay attention to food safety practices.
“Throw out fresh, frozen or pantry food if it has been in contact with floodwater, or if it has an unusual smell, colour or feel.
Fresh food should be thrown if unrefrigerated for more than four hours. Frozen food should be discarded if the power to the freezer has been off for more than 48 hours for a full freezer and more than 24 hours for a half-full freezer.
“If in doubt, throw it out!
“As the clean-up continues, residents can take advantage of dumping their storm debris for free at council landfills. The landfills are open normal business hours from today. We ask people to separate their storm debris into recyclables e.g. metals, green waste etc. to take advantage of the no fee opportunity to clean-up.
“Also our rubbish trucks are having trouble getting through to some areas this morning for normal collections so if your waste or recycling collection service in your area is interrupted or delayed during, please leave your bin out the front of your property and it will be emptied within a day or two, or as soon as possible.
“If your bin has not been emptied for a few days and you need the waste space, you can take your bin to the nearest waste disposal centre yourself, and empty it there free of charge.”
“And for those planning to travel North to Gympie, Traffic and Main Roads today advise that the Bruce Highway remains closed at Kybong. As there is no alternate route to Gympie, it is recommended that travel be delayed at this stage.
Power is being gradually being restored around the region, with 17,000 homes still without power.
For up to date road closure information visit council’s website .
While streams are falling, the Noosa and Maroochy Rivers will continue to peak with the high- tides.
For life threatening emergencies call 000.
For emergency help in storms and floods call SES 132 500
For electricity issues and information:
13 19 62 (Emergency)
13 62 62 (Loss of supply)
13 12 53 (Enquiries)
Energex website
For more information and updates, tune in to your local radio station or visit the Sunshine Coast Council website and facebook page.