Taking a stand for those in need

From the Sunshine Coast, across Australia, and even overseas, local students have been caring for those less fortunate, as they head towards the Christmas season. Caloundra Christian College students have been proactive in making a difference in the lives of others, giving back to those who have greater needs than themselves.

Year 11 Youth Ambassador, Megan Scambler - Blood Donor Award
Year 11 Youth Ambassador, Megan Scambler receiving her award from Chloe Cutler of the Maroochydore Blood Donor Centre

The mission began when Maroochydore Blood Donor Centre set the challenge for local Senior students to help save lives throughout Australia, by donating blood. For many sick people, blood donors are their lifeline. One in three Australians will need blood transfusions throughout their life, but only one in thirty people give blood. 

Caloundra Christian College Year 11 Youth Ambassador, Megan Scambler, took on the challenge to gather her peers to join in the challenge. The students saw this as a great opportunity to give to those in need. After a fierce competition, and out of fifteen schools on the Sunshine Coast, it was Caloundra Christian College who took out the title and were presented with the Youth Ambassador’s Blood Donors award by the Maroochydore Blood Donor Centre.
The students continued on their mission, and turned to assist a local resident who was in need of some help in her house and backyard. Senior students at Caloundra Christian College set off during school time to transform a backyard and rearrange a house. “This was a great opportunity for the students to join together and serve the local community, while building their skills in teamwork,” said Mrs Miriam Ham, staff member at the College. “We participated in gardening, raking, chopping, weeding, cleaning out a shed and rearranging book shelves,” said Ethan Priaulx, Year 11 student. “The lady we helped said that it would’ve taken her one week to do all the work which we performed in a couple of hours. She was really appreciative of our help,” Ethan said.
The College then turned their focus overseas, by standing against human trafficking and child slavery. On Friday, 23 November, 80+ students participated in the event “Make a Stand”, where friends and family sponsored them to literally take-a-stand and remain on their feet, for a period of 260 minutes, without sitting. All money raised was for Destiny Rescue, an international organisation who are committed to rescuing and restoring children from human trafficking. Destiny Rescue currently helps children in six nations; Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India and Mozambique rescuing these young ones, giving them a chance to dream again. More details on the great work of Destiny Rescue can be found on their website: www.destinyrescure.org/aus