Take extra care in wet conditions

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Qld Police Badge
Queensland Police

With rainy weather in costal areas across the state and more bad weather forecast over the next 24 hours, police are urging motorists to take extra care when driving.
State Traffic Support Branch Acting Chief Superintendent Andy Morrow is urging motorists to slow down and adjust their driving to the current wet conditions around the state.
“Road surfaces become very slippery during this weather as rain combines with normal road residues such as oils and grease from motor vehicles. In turn, this can limit the effectiveness of grip on tyres and can very easily lead to a loss of control.”
Acting Chief Superintendent Morrow said motor cyclists were particularly vulnerable in wet weather because rain and road mist reduced general visibility, and the loss of grip on a motorcycle could lead to even more serious consequences.
“There are three messages for motorcyclists in rainy weather – firstly, if you can avoid riding – do so, second if you are riding leave plenty of room and take your time, and thirdly, for other road users – be mindful of motorcycles near you.”
“In these conditions, even a minor loss of control can have dire consequences to not only the motorist but those around them.”