Symposium draws waste industry leaders together

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell
Andrew Powell – State Member for Glass House

Environment Minister Andrew Powell today welcomed industry leaders and international delegates to a Waste and Recycling Symposium in Brisbane.
Mr Powell said the symposium came at a time when the Newman Government was working to improve the state’s waste strategy.
“The Newman Government is determined to work with all sectors to find the right mix of policy and actions to deliver better waste management and resource recovery in Queensland,” Mr Powell said.
“There is a real appetite for change and openness – industry wanted us to look at different ways to achieve our common goals.
“I don’t believe it is government’s role to dictate to industry how to do its business.
“Rather I believe our role is in forming and facilitating partnerships to enable workable solutions that achieve a win for industry, and a win for the environment.
“This symposium provides an excellent platform to highlight the challenges and opportunities facing the waste sector and I look forward to hearing ideas and suggestions from a number of respected speakers that will assist informing Queensland’s future waste strategy.”
Mr Powell told delegates the Waste and Recycling Symposium drew together an international mix of ideas and experiences.
“I congratulate the organisers for wanting to promote best practice to members of the Queensland waste industry,” he said.
“Well done to Rick Ralph and all members of Waste Recyclers Industry of Queensland for pulling together this two-day event.
“We can use these opportunities to chart a way forward to a shared goal of waste reduction.”