Surveillance cameras to monitor sign vandals

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
Sunshine Coast Council

Interfering with traffic signage is an offense that can endanger the lives of motorists and Sunshine Coast Council is taking action to put the brakes on offenders.
Division 5 Councillor Jenny McKay said surveillance cameras would soon be installed on Bridge Creek Road, Maleny, to curb the repeated vandalism of a speed sign.
“An ‘End of 50km/h’ sign has been targeted by one or more vandals in recent times and council is determined to put a stop to it,” she said.
“This sign has had to be replaced numerous times due to the vandalism and every time it happens it is at ratepayers’ expense.
“Many local community members have expressed to council their annoyance over the vandalism of this speed sign.
“Council will now be taking the step of installing surveillance cameras at this site in order to identify future offenders and report them to police.”
Cr McKay said the vandalism of the speed sign on Bridge Creek Road appeared to have been committed in a bid to slow traffic.
“The vandals have repeatedly painted over the word ‘End’ on the ‘End of 50km/h’ sign, ” she said.
“This sign indicates the start of a 100km/h speed limit zone which is the default rural speed limit.
“The State Government sets this speed limit for all ‘rural’ roads in Queensland however that doesn’t mean motorists must travel at that speed.
“Recent traffic surveys carried out by council on Bridge Creek Road showed average speeds are well below the 100km/h limit so motorists are clearly using their common sense and driving at speeds that are appropriate for that road.
“That is what makes the vandalism of this particular ‘End of 50km/h’ sign so needless – just because it indicates the start of a 100km/h zone, doesn’t mean all motorists are going to drive at 100km/h if it isn’t safe to do so.”
Residents who witness any suspicious activity regarding road signs are urged to report it to local police.