Sunshine Coast’s public transport future mapped out

28 August, 2020
Author: Charles Hodgson

Sunshine Coast residents will have a chance to provide further input into a proposed mass transit system with the council unanimously endorsing a community engagement framework.

Yesterday’s (August 28) Special Meeting also provided an update on investigations completed and community consultation to date.

The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project is in an Options Analysis* phase which aims to narrow the transport options through rigorous evaluation before more detailed investigations are undertaken in preparation for the detailed business case.

The Options Analysis findings will be presented to council for consideration in 2021 once it has been informed by the outcomes of the community engagement process. Should council approve the Options Analysis at that time, it will then be formally transmitted to the Queensland Government for assurance review.

Once finalised, the Queensland Government will prepare the detailed business case, to inform any State and Federal government funding decisions for a mass transit public transport solution on the Sunshine Coast.

Council has recognised the importance of the community and stakeholders having the opportunity to share their views, expertise and ideas to help shape the critical public transport solution for our region.

The community engagement framework provides the basis for a detailed program and further details will be published on the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit web page when they are available.

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