Sunshine Coast jobless rate above the average

Tim Nicholls

Tim Nicholls
Tim Nicholls

The Sunshine Coast is feeling the brunt of the ‘jobless boom’ under Labor recording an unemployment rate higher than the state average, regional jobs figures released today reveal.
LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls said the Bligh Labor Government’s misguided mismanagement of the economy was hampering Queensland’s recovery and sending the state hurtling towards $85 billion in debt with interest payments of $595,000 an hour.
“Queensland’s economy should be booming and experiencing historically low unemployment rates similar to Western Australia, but regions like the Sunshine Coast are missing out because of this incompetent 20 year old Labor Government,” Mr Nicholls said.
“The Sunshine Coast’s unemployment rate of 6.3 per cent is half a percentage point higher than the Queensland average of 5.8 per cent and way above the Western Australian unemployment rate of 4.2 per cent.
“Labor is hoping the mining industry will dig Queensland out of the economic mire, but the Sunshine Coast unemployment figures highlight the folly of putting all your eggs in one employment basket.
“In contrast, the LNP is determined to grow the four pillars of the economy – construction, mining, tourism and agriculture – as we recognise that all four pillars need to be firing to create jobs and provide job security for Queenslanders.
“The biggest risk to Queensland’s economic recovery is another three lost years of Anna Bligh and Labor. Not this time.