Sunshine Coast Council's Cyclone Marcia update Friday

Edited highlights from todays Sunshine Coast Council’s media conference.
Local flooding has occurred across the Sunshine Coast as the heavy rain associated with tropical cyclone Marcia make its way down the Coast. There is a concern that worse is yet to come as the Coast is yet to experience the high winds witnessed to our north.
Council is urging people to aim to be self sufficient for three days should it be necessary due to flooding and power outages, especially if you live in an area known to flood or be cut off by flood waters.
Stay away from beaches and waterways and parents pay special attention to making sure children avoid flood waters.
If you don’t need to be on the roads, don’t. The Police and emergency services have attended many vehicle accidents over the past two days, many of which can be attributed to aquaplaning. More simply driving too fast for the conditions. Slow down! Don’t give Police and Emergency Service situations that could have been avoided.
And remember, do not cross flooded waterways. If its flooded forget it.