Sunshine Coast Business Gateway first in Queensland

4 September, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

The Sunshine Coast now has another exclusive first – today launching the Sunshine Coast Business Gateway for local businesses.
Sunshine Coast Council has partnered with Industry Capability Network, or ICN, to develop this innovative online tool that will connect local businesses with opportunities to supply goods and services to construction projects and major events here on the coast and further afield.
“Sunshine Coast is the first council in Queensland and only the fourth in Australia to develop a Gateway for their local businesses and council has made it free to register not only your business on the site but it’s also free to list projects and opportunities,” Economic Development councillor, Stephen Robinson, said today.
Cr Robinson launched the new gateway at Spence Doors in Forest Glen, which has just announced its winning a multi-million-dollar contract to supply the new Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital, through the original gateway model ICN Gateway.
“Many local business and indeed council first learned about ICN and their Gateway methodology at the start of the construction phase of the new hospital, which has proven to be a great success,” he said.
“When the hospital construction is complete however that Gateway will be closed down and council wanted to have something very similar in place to allow local businesses to connect with other procurement opportunities.
“This is the reason for the Sunshine Coast Business Gateway.”
Cr Robinson said the Gateway will also provide information to businesses about up skilling, training and networking opportunities.
“This is an exclusive service for Sunshine Coast businesses, something that we’re very proud to be able to provide and I am happy to officially launch the Sunshine Coast Business Gateway,” he said.
An instructional video to help register on the Gateway can be found at council’s website.