Sunshine Coast art scene is bursting at the seams

Explicitly Graphic (where fine art meets graphic design)

Explicitly Graphic (where fine art meets graphic design)
Explicitly Graphic (where fine art meets graphic design)

One year after the success of their initial launch, Evangeline Cachinero, Tiffany Atkin and Anita Pettinato, known as the innovative art group ‘Explicitly Graphic’ are bringing you their second art event – ‘DOUBLE ENTENDRE’. This time around, the show is headed south and will open at the White Canvas Gallery in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on Friday, 28th October.
Evangeline Cachinero, Tiffany Atkin and Anita Pettinato formed the group last year with an aim to blur the boundaries between fine art and graphic design. Since emerging onto the scene last year, their art careers have seen a steep climb and they’re happy to take some time out to bring you a bigger and better show than last year. The show’s title Double Entendre, is a play on the idea of innuendo and the thin line etched between what constitutes art and design. The artists continue to explore the concept of design as high art as the industry evolves with the introduction of modern technologies and new mediums on which to present work.
A strong graphic design influence is present in the work of all three artists. Evangeline is a graphic designer and has been dubbed somewhat of a ‘creative tornado’, always being involved in various art projects simultaneously. Her mixed media work is figurative, layered and expressive. Tiffany is a graphic designer and illustrator with a love of all things Japan. Her art is feminine and somewhat cute on the surface but look a little deeper for a raw edginess inspired by sexuality, excess & inner desire. Anita is inspired by retro-pop design and her work “reflects the perfection of the human hand and inspires re-evaluating reliance on digital mediums.” Their art is very different but threaded together by a common love of all things design.
“At the upcoming Explicitly Graphic art event Double Entendre, you can have a drink, score a goody bag, check out the mish-mash wall (‘affordable art’ section), go into the draw to win one of three unique art pieces, listen to tracks mixed by DJ Hoola and experience an exciting alternative to the average art exhibition – “it’s a party, it’s an exhibition, it’s Double Entendre”.
Opening Art Event
28 October 2011 from 6-10pm
White Canvas Gallery
26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley
Light refreshments will be served
All are invited to attend
Admission is $9 earlybird or $15 on the door 
(tickets available at
 Gallery opening hours are 11-4pm (closed wed) 
The exhibition will run from 28 October to 2 November
 Phone Evangeline on 0438412356 for more information

Tiffany Atkin

is a designer and illustrator based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Heavily influenced by her time spent wandering aimlessly through the streets of Tokyo, her work is colourful, feminine and ‘super kawaii’. She blends vector, pen and ink, paint, scanned textures and collage to create whimsical work reminiscent of a sunny morning in Harajuku. Aside from an obsession with Japanese pop culture, she is inspired by pattern, the female figure, forest animals, colour and fashion. Her current series ‘Tokyo Pop’ pays homage to the wonderfully bizarre and beautifully backwards world of contemporary Japan.

Evangeline Cachinero

is a visual artist living on the Sunshine Coast, born in Wollongong and raised in Spain and America. A bit of a creative tornado, Evangeline is always into new projects such as: artformyrent, artist by artist, monobrow creative and Explicitly Graphic. She loves working with mixed media, multimedia, social media and collaborating with other artists. Some of her favorite tools are raw canvas, paper, pencil, charcoal, enamel, acrylic, oil, oil pastels, markers, lace, a camera, books, a mac, felt tip pens, sharpies, masking tape, rulers, photographs, video and the internet. When she writes her juicy life bio it will have stories that will embarrass her family, piss off ex-boyfriends, may incriminate her in several countries for various reasons and question her decision-making abilities. [Watch this space].

Anita Pettinato

grew up in Sydney and now lives on QLD’s Sunshine Coast. She is a powerhouse of many hats…Oral Health Therapist by Vocation & Impassioned Artist by calling. She has always had a deep passion for art and started painting in 2001 for fun. By 2002 her first private exhibition was held in Brisbane and others soon followed. In 2008 Anitas work was selected to grace the set of the national TV show ‘Big Brother’ and was also chosen as the face of the Mardi Gras ’11 gallery in Sydney. She has also been a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize ’10 at the Caloundra Regional Gallery, and was recently invited to exhibit exclusive art shows at Sexpo nationally. Her work has become increasingly popular and is sought after with interior designers, collectors and funky art lovers. Anita is an artist of passion and obsession with an affinity for the retro / pop art world. Her detailed work reflects the perfection of the human hand and inspires re-evaluating reliance on digital mediums. Her mantra for ‘No Rules’ never fails to inspire a unique piece. Her inspiration – People, Hypnotic Music, Great Sex, and a Wicked Drink! Anitas exclusive/original acrylic artworks on canvas, are signed with her trademark hand print and signature, and come with a certificate of authenticity.