Sunshine Coast Airport Runway Opening

3 June, 2020
Author: Charles Hodgson

Air Services Australia has today provided information about the commencement of the new flight paths to support operations for the new runway (Runway 13/31) at Sunshine Coast Airport. 

Sunshine Coast Airport New Runway (Runway 13/31)

The Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project has reached an important milestone with the opening of the new runway. Sunshine Coast Airport has advised that the new runway will become operational on Sunday 14 June 2020 and the existing Runway 18/36 will be decommissioned. 

To ensure safe and efficient operations for the new runway, there will be a change to flight paths and the way aircraft operate as they arrive and depart from Sunshine Coast Airport. 

For information on how aircraft will operate in your neighbourhood, please access the Fact Sheets and Interactive Map on our Engage Airservices website < 1331> 

You can subscribe to Engage Airservices to receive updates on local and national flight path changes. 

Air Services Australia also publish information for community on aircraft movements, runway usage and noise abatement procedures on our dedicated Sunshine Coast airport webpage;

As a result of the aviation response to the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduled flight operations have ceased for the time being at Sunshine Coast airport. However, flights continue for medical, freight, corporate, charter, general aviation and fly-in fly-out operations.

Sunshine Coast Airport is working with airlines to re-introduce services and aircraft operations. This will occur in accordance with government policy and is expected to see a gradual increase in operations in the coming months.