State shores up Gympie flood defences

Queensland Government

Gympie will be better protected from floods with the Newman Government fast-tracking money to start work on major flood infrastructure projects.
Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli said more than $5.2 million had been set aside to complete detailed designs and start work on the CBD levee and for road improvements.
Drummond Drive will be upgraded to the Q100 level to reduce the risk of access being cut to around 200 businesses in the Monkland and Glanmire industrial areas, and to increase capacity to commercial vehicle standards.
Gympie Regional Council estimates businesses in those areas lose $750,000 a day when the approach road is cut by flooding. The upgraded road will also improve access to 500 homes which can be isolated when the Bruce Highway floods.
The funding breakdown includes $1 million for the levee design, $2 million for construction of the levee, spillway and pump station on the Albert Park side of the Bruce Highway, and $2.2 million for Drummond Drive.
“No town shows more resolve in the face of floods than Gympie, but it’s time locals got the flood infrastructure they deserve,” Mr Crisafulli said.
“Council has shown great leadership to take this levee from a good idea to something that will be built.
“The state will support the community to get this project completed as soon as possible.”
Gympie MP David Gibson said the projects were a vital foundation to a better protected future.
“After five floods in two years, we know only too well that Gympie is vulnerable, but this government wants to do something about it,” he said.
“It may cost money in the short term, but it will save millions of dollars in clean ups and rebuilding, not to mention the emotional toll.
“One levee will not stop all flooding, but it will make it a lot better for a lot of people.”
Mr Crisafulli said the Newman Government would carry out the most ambitious infrastructure plan in a generation to better protect Queenslanders.
“Locals know best what their community needs to protect it, and we’ll drive maximum value from the funds that we’ve got to deliver those defences,” Mr Crisafulli said.
“After years of government inaction, we’re going to help deliver the projects people need to defend themselves against flooding.”