Sport For More Sunshine Coast School Children

11 June, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

From 1 January 2015, schools on the Sunshine Coast will be able to apply to take part in the Federal Government’s new $100 million Sporting Schools initiative announced in the 2014/15 Budget.
Member for Fisher, Mal Brough MP said the Sporting Schools initiative would introduce more sport to a new generation of children in the Sunshine Coast region.
“The exciting Sporting Schools initiative provides more of our children with an opportunity to participate in a range of sports, before, during or after school,” Mr Brough said.
The initiative will directly link schools with sporting clubs to drive ongoing participation. Teachers will be able to access a range of training guides and coaching courses.
It will benefit around 850,000 children across more than 5,000 primary schools and 80 secondary schools across Australia.
On average, it is expected that each grant would be worth around $1700.
“The initiative will encourage our children to participate in physical activity and will foster a love of sport, helping tackle increasing levels of obesity among children in the process.
“I’m delighted with this initiative as it offers a way for children on the Sunshine Coast to have access to sport and start building regular physical activity into their lives.”
All schools throughout Australia will be able to register for Sporting Schools through an online, interactive website.