Speed camera for Woombye blackspot

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell
Andrew Powell – State Member for Glass House

A speed camera is about to be activated on the Nambour Connection Road intersection in Woombye in a bid to save lives and stop dangerous driving in the area.
Acting Transport and Main Roads Minister and Member for Glasshouse Andrew Powell and Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington said the speed camera’s installation is in alignment recommendations from a coronial inquest into the deaths of four people at the intersection in 2009, including five-year-old twins and their grandmother.
“Research shows speed cameras are very effective in convincing motorists to stick to the speed limit and we hope this will be the case in Woombye,” Mr Powell said.
“Currently some motorists are putting their lives and the lives of others on the line by travelling through the intersection at speeds above the 70km/h speed limit – some at more than 40km/h over the speed limit.
“Unfortunately previous measures implemented to deter speeding at the intersection have not been enough to change the behaviours of some motorists.
“Over the next six months we will monitor speeds on the Woombye section of Nambour Connection Road to determine if the speed cameras have been effective in deterring motorists from speeding. If not the installation of traffic lights will be considered.
“This is in line with the inquest that recommended the Department continue to monitor the intersection to determine if either traffic signals or closing the intersection is required.
“We encourage motorists to start acting responsibly and obey the speed limit.”
Road works will commence from 3 October to install the fixed speed camera.
Mr Wellington welcomed the commitment to improve safety at the Woombye section of Nambour Connection Road.
“Installing speed cameras will not only encourage motorists to slow down but it will mean the intersection remains open for the town of Woombye,” Mr Wellington said.
“With the support of the Woombye community, and other motorists who use this road, I’m confident we can change this intersection for the better and deliver the safest solution for local residents.”