Slipper says Don't reward Brough for Ashbygate

Federal Member for Fisher Peter Slipper has maintained his pressure on the LNP Candidate Fisher Mal Brough over his role in the Ashbygate saga.
Mr Slipper said that  given the refusal of the LNP candidate Mal Brough, to accept his challenge to debate his role in the failed AshbyGate litigation that at least he should answer publicly the following questions submitted to him by the media.
1. Why do you think James Ashby sent you the three diary images on 29 March 2012?
2. Had you discussed getting information from Peter Slipper’s diary at anytime between the 23 March and when they arrived on your phone on 29 March?
3. If you had given Ashby advice on 23 March 2012 to go and see a lawyer about the sexual harassment charge and to go to the AFP about the cabcharge vouchers, why did you need to see him again on 30 March 2012?
4. What time did you meet with Ashby and Doane on 30 March 2012? Who was at the meeting of 30 March 2012, apart from yourself Ashby and Doane? Who is Jackie and was she present?
5. If Jackie wasn’t present on 30 March 2012, why do Ashby and Doane talk about Jackie arranging a barrister who is high up in the LNP for $1.
6. Is this ‘Jackie” your former parliamentary colleague, Jackie Kelly?
7. Did Jackie Kelly arrange the meeting among David Russell QC and yourself, Ashby and Doane?
8. When was the last time you were in touch with Jackie Kelly?
9. Please tell us why you called Ashby on 12 April 2012?
10. Please tell us why you emailed Ashby on 18 April 2012?
11. In the email of 18 April, you mention potential problems, what were they?
12. Did you meet with James Ashby on 18 April 2012? 13. If you did meet with James Ashby on 18 April 2012 what did you discuss?
To date, Mr Brough has refused to answer these questions which are of great public interest to the people of Fisher.
The Government will change on Saturday anyway and Mr Brough should not be rewarded for his role in AshbyGate.
As Clive Palmer has said when Brough came to him in a failed attempt to get him to fund the AshbyGate litigation – “Mal Brough said to me we needed to destroy Peter Slipper”.
Referring to Mr Brough, Mr Palmer said “we don’t want people in politics who are desperate to get there at any price”.