Sex Tape – you said you deleted it

18 July, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

For all the benefits we gain from modern technology and communications, “Sex Tape” demonstrates the kind of unintended consequences of what just seemed like a good idea at the time.
The ever youthful Cameron Diaz teams with Jason Segal to play Annie and Jay a married couple trying to revive their once copious sex lives, long subdued with the onset marriage, kids, work and the demands of daily life.
Their solution to spice things up in the bedroom, or any other room for that matter, is to make a Sex Tape. Naturally for their own entertainment.
Thanks to the gods of technology that have deemed syncing all of your music, pictures and videos, to all your devices, all of the time, is essential, their personal consumption project quickly boils over into a much wider audience jeopardising their privacy, careers and reputations.
The frantic search to retrieve the video and prevent its wider distribution across the internet, takes the couple to places they would never go and do things they would never do … they’re just that desperate.
If your offended by the frequent use of the F word then this may not be your movie, but after all with a title like Sex Tape you can be assured that having sex, F ing, is the central point around which the plot revolves.
While there’s plenty of coarse dialog about sex, don’t expect a lot of explicit scenes about sex. Apart from a couple of nudie runs, the explicit action is left pretty much to the imagination.
As with any movie where technology is part of the subject material I was worried that being a “techie” I’d be cringing over technical inaccuracies. Thankfully, the movie doesn’t delve too deep and with a basic understanding of the internet, syncing and the cloud, you’ll be good to go. The movie even seems to acknowledge this with one of the best lines in the movie clearly poking fun at technospeak by targeting the “cloud”.
There’s not a roller coaster of great gags and subdued moments, rather a flowing ride with plenty of very funny dialog and visual humour.
I’ve been asked whether it’s more a chick flick? The movie is clever in leveraging stereotypes and portraying most situations from both a man’s and woman’s perspective. In a word, I  think most people will find it entertaining.