School zone safety under the spotlight

Caloundra MP Mark McArdle has urged Sunshine Coast schools to speak up on road safety concerns.
The Queenland Government is currently working to upgrade school zone signage to improve road safety for children throughout Queensland and will begin to evaluate schools from across the state.
The government has committed $10 million over the next four years to allow for the installation of flashing light school zone signs at more than 300 school zones.
The Department of Transport and Main Roads is now seeking input for additional school zones requiring treatment with flashing light signs.
The flashing light signs are effective in alerting motorists to the fact there is a school zone and encouraging reduced vehicle speeds through the zones.
School zones will be prioritised based upon crash history, car and pedestrian volumes, speed limits and road environment characteristics.
Mr McArdle said improving road safety for children is imperative.
“Several schools have already contacted me to put forth a submission on their behalf,’’ he said.
“There are quite a few disturbing cases; I’ve heard of near misses, drivers travelling at high speeds through school zones, car crashes and even a woman being knocked off her bike.
“Our children are too precious to let these occurrences continue; we must be proactive in protecting them.’’
Schools are urged to contact their local member with their concerns prior to December 14.