School relishes Death by Chocolate

The Caloundra Christian College students perform ‘Death by Chocolate’ (Photo Light Pixel Photography)

The Caloundra Christian College community has again enjoyed its annual senior drama production – this year it was the witty play “Death by Chocolate”.
Those involved had rehearsed the play for four months, with the final production involving performances by 15 senior student “actors” and three students who took care of lighting and videoing the event.
“The students enjoyed participating in the production; there was a real buzz on the performance nights because, for some of them, this was their first experience in live theatre,” said drama teacher Miss Carly Purtell.
“They suddenly understood the excitement associated with bringing a play to life for an audience.”
“The audience had lots of praise for the students involved. They particularly enjoyed the humour and wittiness of the play and the transformations of the students as they took on characters so different to themselves.”
Despite heavy rain during the performances on June 1 and 2, the church auditorium was filled and there were all smiles throughout the performance.
“One of the best things about the experience is that young people feel a sense of connection to a group with a shared vision to bring the play to life, and they are allowed the creative freedom to put their unique stamp on it,” Miss Purtell added.