Santa comes early for children affected by cancer as Bloomhill launches Christmas Appeal

2 December, 2020
Author: Charles Hodgson

As Bloomhill Cancer Care launches its 2020 Christmas Appeal, local business Jaz Realty has teed up Santa to give some early gifts to children of cancer-affected families. Santa’s sleigh has been mounted atop a classic Bentley, with gifts for 22 children to be presented at a private festive event for families.

Bloomhill helps people of all ages who have received a cancer diagnosis, through nurse-led care and allied health services. It also supports children, who can shoulder a huge burden when a parent or family member receives a diagnosis.

Bloomhill Client Services Manager Trish Wilson said this year a majority of people, regardless of their health, have experienced uncertainty, fear and worry because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Imagine having to confront a cancer diagnosis, or go through treatment during this time,” she said.

“Through cancer treatment, a lot changes in the family. Mum might not be there to make lunches or pick the kids up from school. If it’s Dad, he might not be at work. It often means kids don’t have extra parent support at school, or at soccer and netball games, so kids really are significantly impacted.

“We know that kids need a certain level of structure in their life to feel safe and secure.”

Family finances can be significantly impacted, as medical costs add up, and because clients often have to take time off work.

“What that means is that, unfortunately kids miss out on the things that we all want our kids to receive,” Ms Wilson said.

“We know from previous years that there are families who are particularly distressed at Christmas time, knowing that they can’t provide much for their family. We want to be able to make sure children are part of this time of joy and celebration.”

Jaz Hoy from Jaz Realty said she was delighted to be able to help, and wished Bloomhill the best luck for its Christmas Appeal. The appeal runs throughout December, with donations made with an easy click online at

“We have a classic 1960 Bentley and we have attached Santa’s sleigh on the roof, with fairy lights twinkling and filled with beautiful gifts. We’ve arranged for Santa to come to Bloomhill in a week or so, to bring those Christmas gifts to the children of clients,” Jaz said.

Twenty-two children will received gifts as part of the day, at a gathering of children and families to welcome Santa on the night.

“I think the diagnosis of cancer in a family always brings a level of fear and uncertainty to families,” Ms Wilson said.

“It’s so wonderful for a local business to reach out to us and understand that it’s as important a year as ever to do that for our families.”

Bloomhill Acting CEO Nicky Jardine said she hoped the Coast community would dig deep for the 2020 Christmas Appeal.

“What better gift could you choose?” she asked. “Each dollar helps us cover out-of-pocket costs for nursing, allied health and wellbeing assessments – so clients can focus their energy on their health and not worry about their finances. 

“In the past eight years Bloomhill has welcomed 7,325 clients at our Wellness Centre in Buderim – this includes patients, carers, children and bereaved family and friends.

“Last financial year alone, Bloomhill actively supported 1,136 clients – providing nearly 7,765 occasions of nursing, allied health and complementary therapy care. All of this is made possible thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses, who have donated generously to support our charity.”

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