Santa Anna – not welcome in Queensland either

Glen Elmes LNP State Member for Noosa

There are two Santa Ana’s, the first fans bushfires and causes widespread property damage in Southern California and the other is our home grown Premier who will deliver another assault on the already stressed household budgets of ordinary Queenslanders when the new Waste Reduction Legislation becomes effective on Thursday 1st December, the Member for Noosa, Glen Elmes, said today.
“Already under strain from massive rises in electricity charges, the removal of the petrol subsidy, increases in Council rates from amalgamation, increases in water prices from privatization and increases in registration and driver license fees, the household budget is about to be hit for a six again,” he said.
Mr Elmes confirmed that Santa Anna’s Christmas present is to slug the Sunshine Coast Regional Council with a range of charges starting at $35 a tonne for some waste rising to $150 a tonne for other. He stated that this is tax by stealth causing an uncosted burden on the Council not only from the levy itself but also from the ongoing administrative cost required to service the changes for which there will be no Government compensation. These new costs will have to be recovered primarily through rates and tip fees; there is no other alternative.
“Santa Anna will point the crooked finger of blame at the regional Council; she shouldn’t. Santa Anna and her tired 20-year old Labor Government is responsible,” Glen Elmes said.
“But there’s more.” The Sunshine Coast is a tourist mecca for Australia and the world. Tourism is the key industry and economic driver for the Noosa electorate. Every restaurant and café will have its costs raised by at least $3,120 per year to pay this new super tax. These businesses and all others who have waste removed are already squeezed by soaring energy and utilities costs as are householders. This new tax from the Bligh Labor Government will have to be passed on to customers and will come at the cost of employees and their wages particularly in the small business sector.
Consumers should also expect to be hit hard when they hire a skip to clean up their backyard or take a trailer load of rubbish to the local tip. “Santa Anna’s tax collectors will be waiting,” Glen Elmes warned.
The waste levy is simply a tax grab; it does not pretend to change behaviour. Stealthy Santa Anna doesn’t want the link to be made between another of her new taxes and the so-called aim of reducing waste.
In Government, the LNP will repeal this new Labor tax.