Safety solution plan for Glenfields

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Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. That’s what Sunshine Coast Council is doing with residents at Glenfields Estate at Mountain Creek.
Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said council is working with the local neighbourhood watch to formulate this plan that is a community safety initiative to improve emergency preparedness for residents in the Glenfields Estate.
“The draft plan was made available for residents via Neighbourhood Watch on 24 October and they have until 4 November to submit their comments and feedback,” Cr Dickson said.
“The plan follows arrangements contained in the Queensland Evacuation Guidelines issued in August by the Queensland Department of Community Safety,” he said.
The plan also accords with arrangements contained within the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Plan dated 2009, that can be viewed on council’s website. Evacuations would normally be under the direction of the Queensland Police Service or Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. Sunshine Coast Council may also be involved in providing advice regarding evacuations.
Councillor Dickson said the evacuation plan outlines the public protective measures that Glenfields residents would follow during an emergency.
“This covers possible disaster situations like fires and severe storms and includes guidelines on evacuating in such emergencies or remaining in shelter and helping your neighbour,” he said.
“A key aspect of this evacuation plan is the soon-to-be-constructed emergency exit on Berrigan Place that will allow access to the Sunshine Motorway when there is a recognised emergency under the control of police.
“During an evacuation of Glenfields, diverting traffic to the west through this new emergency exit will help to ensure departing residents can safely access the motorway in the event that the main access via Prelude Drive is temporarily obstructed.”
Construction of the new emergency access road is due to start in mid-November with completion expected before Christmas (weather permitting).