Rubbish, ‘picitup’ while on your daily walk

If everyone on the Sunshine Coast picked up a few bits of rubbish on their daily walk, the region would be a little bit nicer and the oceans a little bit cleaner.
That was the take home message from the picitup launch today, where Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot officially launched the program.
Council has teamed up with insurance company Youi, Sunshine Coast Media, the Sunshine Coast litter collective and the Heart Foundation walking group to deliver the initiative, which wages a war on litter and encourages walkers to, ‘picitiup’ while on their daily walk.
The initiative is the brain child of Sam Halvorsen, a Sunshine Coast local who noticed some litter and realised there was nowhere to put it.
His light bulb moment came with the idea, ‘what if there was a bag in every walker’s hand, how much of the increasing litter problem on the Sunshine Coast could be solved by local people picking up litter on their daily walk’?
Mayor Bob Abbot said Sam approached council and the initiative was born.
“The picitup campaign is simple – if you see litter while out and about, pick it up,” Cr Abbot said.
“Every day, more and more litter ends up in our rivers, on our beaches and in the ocean. This rubbish has a huge impact on seabirds, marine life and ecosystems.”
Free bags bearing the distinctive campaign slogan are available for free from the following locations and walkers are urged to re-use them as much as possible.
  • Council Customer Service Centres and Libraries
  • Surf Life Saving Clubs
  • Underwater World
  • Noosa Integrated Catchment Association/Noosa Biosphere
  • Florabunda Native Plant Nursery/Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group
  • Mooloolah Waterwatch and Landcare
  • Currimundi Catchment Care Group
Anyone interested in getting involved can register their participation at participating outlets, grab a bag and ‘picitup’.