Resurfacing for a smooth ride along Howard Street

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Commuters will soon experience smoother travels on Howard St, Nambour thanks to pavement resurfacing works to be carried out by Sunshine Coast Council.
Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson said the works would be undertaken across the whole of Howard Street.
“This resurfacing will involve profiling the existing asphalt surface to remove weathered asphalt, followed by bitumen sealing to effectively waterproof the road surface,” he said.
“Asphalting of the entire road surface will then complete the resurfacing and this will provide a smooth waterproof surface which should provide several years of service.”
Cr Rogerson said the works include a minor surface rejuvenation to the area between the tramlines to improve the life of the pavement in this area and create a uniform appearance to the road surface on Howard Street.
“Council has included this in to its road pavement program for Howard Street after last Thursday’s landmark decision to enter into a due diligence stage for the reactivation of the tramlines,” he said.
Profiling and sealing of the road is expected to start on Sunday night, March 9 and be completed by Tuesday night. Asphalting works will be conducted concurrently in stages, starting Monday night, March 10 with completion expected by Thursday night (weather permitting).
Council has consulted with businesses and all properties adjacent to and nearby Howard Street regarding the upcoming works and any traffic changes. Traffic control measures will be in place while works are in progress however it is intended that Howard Street will remain open at all time to traffic, although some restrictions to parking and pedestrian movements are possible.