Residents rally council to fix problem street

Residents want curbing and channelling for their complex with Mark McArdle (second from left)

A group of Caloundra St residents in Landsborough who fear lives are at risk from bungled curbing and channelling out the front of their complex are pleading with Sunshine Coast Council to fix the problem.
The group, who live in a housing complex at 44 Caloundra St, Landsborough, first approached council about the problem 18months ago and Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has been working with the group for months to find a solution.
“We have phoned Main Roads and spoken to the Director’s office … who have assured us this is a council road,” Mr McArdle said.
“Paramedics come to this complex once every six weeks and they can’t get in or out properly.
“There was one incident where an 80-year-old resident was asked to stand out in the street and stop traffic to let the ambulance in, that’s ridiculous and very dangerous.
“At the end of the day council must put in proper curb and channelling to protect the people that live here.”
Resident Moira Dowden said it was extremely unsafe for people to try and park out the front of the complex, and those who attempted to park on the footpath had been threatened by council with a $200 fine.
“We need a safe place for carers, cleaners and elderly visitors to park,” she said.
“They’ve been told to park a couple hundred metres down the road near a playground, but that’s not good enough.”
Mrs Dowden said residents also had nowhere to place their garbage bins safely.
She said the group had been liaising with Division one councillor Anna Grosskreutz but to no avail.
“If we have to wait for our mayor and councillor to retire and a change in government for something to happen then that’s pretty weak.”