Reports available on Pelican Waters Boulevard flood modelling

1 December, 2011
Author: Charles Hodgson

  • Flooding of Pelican Waters Boulevard at the northern end near Caloundra Road.
  • Flooding of Pelican Waters Boulevard at the section near Marmont Street.
  • A drainage issue north of Marmont Street, which presents as ponding in Duck Holes Creek and on the adjacent eastern side of Pelican Waters Boulevard, with the potential to cause public health and amenity issues.
  • Channel maintenance will provide improvements during the upcoming storm season.  This work is underway and nearing completion.
  • Improving the channel definition of Duck Holes Creek, opposite Russell Barker Park and south of Caloundra Road, to assist in the flow of water in Duck Holes Creek and away from Pelican Waters Boulevard.
  • Longer term actions for flooding and drainage issues at the section of Pelican Waters Boulevard near Marmont Street are required and these will be addressed by further modelling and the collaborative approach between council, the Pelican Waters Estate and consultants.