Replacing Poinciana with Poinciana

Planting of replacement Poincianas, Cr Christian Dickson and Cr Ted Hungerford

Poinciana trees are iconic to Buderim and Sunshine Coast Council is helping to keep it that way.
A new Poinciana was planted in Burnett Street today as part of council’s annual tree replacement program. Division 7 Councillor Ted Hungerford said it was one of a number of new trees that had recently replaced specimens that were either dead or dying.
Clear evidence of the old and rotting tree to be replaced

“Poincianas are a beautiful and iconic part of Buderim but unfortunately they’re also very susceptible to disease,” he said.
“Council keeps a very close watch on the local Poinciana population to ensure that diseased and or dying trees are managed and replaced so as not to endanger public safety.”
Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said similar replacements of decayed Poincianas had been performed on Gloucester Road last year.
“Those Poincianas and the one we’re now replacing on Burnett Street died due to a decaying fungal condition Ganoderma that has claimed a number of similar specimens in Buderim in recent years,” he said.
“All of Buderim’s Poincianas will continue to be monitored through council’s comprehensive management program that involves pruning two or three times per year and also inspecting the trees for diseases twice a year.”
Press play below to listen to Cr Hungerford discuss the Poinciana replacement.
Cr Ted Hungerford talks about the replacement Poinciana trees in Buderim