Reinventing local news.

28 May, 2020
Author: Charles Hodgson

If today, someone wanted to start a news/media company, from scratch, they wouldn’t create a newspaper or print publication, they wouldn’t create a radio station, they wouldn’t create a TV station.

So what would they create? All of these (legacy) media forms are under threat in the new media landscape as evidenced by today’s announcement from News Corp that will see all of their Sunshine Coast papers go online or be absorbed into the regional masthead.

I know that for many, this is still very raw, it will be for some time, but I just want to put this out there.

There are reasons to be optimistic, perhaps even excited for the future of journalism.

Existing media is based upon old business models and old audience habits. I am creating a new media company based upon now and what’s ahead, not what’s been and gone.

If you like to be part of the sustainable newsroom of the future, want to be part of telling local stories, supporting local people, groups and businesses then call me 0438 454 131 or send me an email. It costs nothing to have a chat. Email me Charles at