Rediscover the simple pleasures this Easter at Kenilworth

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cheese & Wine Maker of the future

Kenilworth’s award-winning gourmet cheeses, yogurts and ice creams are just some of the tempting items on offer at the Kenilworth Cheese, Wine & Food Fest on Easter Saturday, April 7
Thousands of people take the scenic drive to the Mary Valley to spend the day tasting the unique range of the Mary Valley’s finest foods, liqueurs and wines. It’s a Farm to Fork Feast where you can come on an agrarian adventure to meet the growers and producers.
Pick up some tips on cooking with bush tucker foods and how to grow your own, or try your hand at Queensland’s only Cheese Rolling Contest. For the kids, don’t miss the fantastic Cheester Egg Hunt.
Rediscover the simple pleasure of a day in the country. Take the road to the Bush behind the Beach.
The whole family will enjoy celebrating Easter Saturday in Kenilworth-The Heart of the Mary Valley.
Start 7am till late afternoon, entry free.