Rebel glass artists on tour

Sunshine Coast Council is proud to present a groundbreaking exhibition that breaks the traditional ideas, materials and methods of glass making at the Noosa Regional Gallery.
Tour De Force: In Case of Emergency Break Glass, highlights the work of eight progressive Australian artists who have made work that will challenge and inspire visitors to the gallery.
The exhibition brings new focus to the medium of glass and is not for the faint of heart.
This provocative exhibition is a celebration of genuine artistic integrity and is curated by renowned glass rebel Megan Bottari.
Tour de Force artists include:
Timothy Horn (ex-patriot Australian residing in New Mexico) provides ghoulish pleasure in the guise of a sugar crystal skull-and-cross-bones.
Tom Moore delivers the latest thrilling episode of his signature Autoganic vegetable soap opera.
Ian Mowbray presents a series of family body bits in specimen jars.
Trish Roan investigates the elusiveness of a captured moment in space and time.
Jacqueline Gropp evokes the perennial melancholia of Vanitas with her customary, spare elegance.
Deb Jones uncovers beauty in the unexpected, through the minutiae of the every day.
The late Neil Roberts’ iconic BA na na BA na na MAN go captures the quintessential spirit of the land ‘down under’.
Nicholas Folland gives a terrifyingly beautiful glimpse of a nihilistic ice age of our own devising.
The official exhibition opening is open to the public on Thursday 3 November from 6pm. The exhibition is open from 2 November to 11 December.
For more information, contact the Noosa Regional Gallery on 5449 5340.