Queensland signs national partnership agreement on Homebuilder

Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace talks about Homebuilder’s background, its uptake and the Queensland Government’s (to date) hesitancy in signing onto the scheme.

“Last night the laggard Palaszczuk Government finally signed up to the National Partnership Agreement which will allow Queenslanders to reap the job saving benefits of the Federal Government’s $688 million HomeBuilder stimulus package. By being the last very last state to sign on to this Federal Government scheme, the Queensland State Government left thousands of builders and subbies across the Sunshine Coast needlessly uncertain of their future for weeks.

However, it is very welcome news that HomeBuilder will now be coming to Queensland. Already, 37,000 Australians have expressed an interest in the Federal scheme and I know local builders are already seeing a big growth in inquiries. Before HomeBuilder, many local tradies were telling me that from August they would have little or no work on the books. Today, the situation could not be more different. HomeBuilder is going to benefit people wanting to build a new home or substantially renovate their existing home.  It will also save jobs and livelihoods on the Coast and keep one of our most important industries contributing to the local economy.  

You must meet certain eligibility requirements including income caps. You must sign a building contract prior to 31 December 2020 and have started work within 3 months of signing the contract.  For anyone who meets these conditions on the Coast and who is considering building a new home, or substantially renovating their existing home, now is the time! $25,000 is available from the Commonwealth Government, so get in touch with the Office of State Revenue in Queensland and make your application for the HomeBuilder grant as soon as possible.”

Andrew Wallace MP
Federal Member for Fisher