Qld Government launches electricity bill tool

Estimate Your Savings

Estimate Your Savings
Estimate Your Savings

Every Queensland household can now calculate how much they would save on their electricity bills under the Queensland Government’s $3.4 billion Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief plan.
Treasurer Tim Nicholls said a simple online calculating tool was now available for Queenslanders to fill in electricity bill information and determine their savings.
“The LNP came to office determined to ease cost of living pressures for Queenslanders and yesterday we announced our Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief plan, which would see the Government permanently remove the cost of the Solar Bonus Scheme from electricity prices,” Mr Nicholls said.
“While we know the typical Queensland household will save $577 on their power bills over the next five years, this online calculator will give a much more individualised determination for families, based either on their latest bill, or an estimation of how much electricity their household uses.
“Our Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief plan provides direct savings to Queenslanders, while also being fiscally and economically responsible.
“And importantly, under our plan there will be no change for existing solar customers. Put simply, instead of their feed-in payments coming from the price of electricity, it will come from the $3.4 billion Strong Choices Cost of Living Fund.”
Energy Minister Mark McArdle said the online savings calculator was an easy way for Queensland families to factor in their future savings should the government be given a mandate for the Strong Choices lease plan.
“This tool gives Queenslanders the opportunity to use their own bills to see what the real savings will be for their family, right there on the screen,” Mr McArdle said.
“From our family car registration freeze, to stamp duty concessions for those buying family homes, our water rebate, and cutting public transport fares, the LNP has set about has set about providing some relief from Labor’s years of cost of living increases.
“Now, if given a mandate to act on our Strong Choices lease plan, we will have the funds available to take six per cent off retail electricity prices in 2015/16.”
Mr Nicholls said the data and valuations used to create the online electricity savings calculator were reviewed and verified by former Auditor-General Len Scanlan.
To check your own electricity bill and work out what your own future savings could be, go to www.strongchoices.qld.gov.au