Protecting Golden Beach under the spotlight

18 September, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting today to consider investing a further $2.1 million for more extensive protection works at Golden Beach should a breakthrough at Bribie Island occur and triggers for action be reached.
Council also agreed to launch further investigation into preventative dunal nourishment options on Bribie Island and will liaise with the state government regarding this approach.
This follows the presentation of a detailed engineers report, ‘Golden beach and Bribie Island Breakthrough – Options, Design, Approvals and Investment Plan’, that provides viable options and identifies triggers for action in relation to erosion and breakthrough at Bribie Island.
Coastal protection works of $360,000 are already scheduled at Golden Beach and will be delivered over the next two financial years.
Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer welcomed the report and commended the work council officers were doing.
“The next stage is securing a partnership with the State Government to protect the Golden Beach community,” Cr Dwyer said.
“At this stage we don’t know the full implications of a breakthrough at Bribie Island and I would much rather we never have to find out.
“Knowledge is our best form of defence and I fully support an investigation into preventative measures, such as dunal nourishment, rather than sitting back and letting nature take its course.”
Council will continue to focus on delivering foreshore protection works, which are consistent with the Investment Plan and the endorsed Sunshine Coast Council Shoreline Erosion Management Plan 2014.
Trigger 1 includes an increase in the mean high water spring water level and an increase to the mean sea level greater than 0.1m relative to 2014 levels.
Responsive actions would involve placing 40,000 cubic metres of sand on Golden Beach (south), stabilised through revegetation works.
Trigger 2 includes an increase to the mean sea level greater than 0.2m relative to 2014 levels in which case action involves upgrading the seawall at Jellico, constructing a new wall at the Caloundra Power Boat Club plus the upgrade and extending seawalls at Keith Hill Park and Roy Street.
Council will continue to ensure the community is well informed of any action to be undertaken.