Procrastination, the great time waster

Rod Richards

Rod Richards
Rod Richards

We never seem to have enough time to get everything done in the business. One reason is Procrastination – the great time waster. So, what would be some of the areas that can help overcome this thief of time? Analyze the areas we are procrastinating about, work out the common delay tactics, develop systems – become systematic, set goals and deadlines are really important.
We all experience distractions and this is part of the normal things that happen but we can be tough on ourselves and get rid of those ruthless time wasting tasks. A good rule is do it or dump it – in other words make a decision, and have a strategy in place to deal with the distractions.
One thing I have initiated in my business is planning every week. Apart from the day to day activities, I have developed new work habits by starting with the end of the week in mind. What do you want to achieve by the end of this week? It helps to keep us disciplined and focused. How do we prioritize the job tasks when everything has got to be done? Easy – what is the activity producing, is it a billable activity or a non-billable activity? The old saying we can’t managing what we can’t measure is so true.
One of the barriers to a business achieving its goals is not valuing its time. My suggestions would be to develop a new routine, develop new work habits, avoid over commitment, learn to say NO, delegate where possible, develop a time table, and have an efficient working area.
Getting organized and prioritizing the job tasks will help but it takes discipline and an ongoing commitment to beat procrastination. It’s a no brainer – but it’s amazing how we can get caught up with all the things in the business and not maintain an efficient system. Keep an eye on the important areas of the business and stay focused.  A key area which will help is technology, and there are so many great tools out there, so find the right ones for your business and good luck.
In summary, if we have structure and a disciplined approach in our business, combined with good systems it will help with meeting the demands that we experience every day.