Premier wants action on Alcohol and Drug Fuelled Violence

29 January, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

Campbell Newman was on the Coast today and scheduled time to speak with Lisa Curry about her concerns over alcohol and drug fuelled violence. Earlier in the day the Premier was asked for his thoughts on alcohol and drug fuelled violence and what could be done about it. Here’s what he had to say.

Following their meeting, Lisa Curry wrote on her Facebook Page regarding her discussions with the Premier and made an impassioned call for people to have their say.
She said,
“OK, so here’s the wrap up with my meeting with Premier Campbell Newman. For those of you who think he is not interested… let me tell you …he is.
Off the record, we spoke of many interesting incidents that the public never get to hear about, but the public only make comment, praise, or criticise what they hear or read. I don’t care if you love or hate any politician, but they are in the position to make decisions… so help and support the process. Wouldn’t it be nice for a change if the opposition actually supported a decision? On important decisions like this, we need everyone to support it.
He PROMISED…..In 6 weeks..mid March… he will have the best plan in Australia on what he intends doing. BUT…. before then, he needs anyone that has something constructive to say, or to help solve the problem, to send him suggestions, papers, opinions via email, FB, Twitter…whatever you can. Send it to him, or send it to your local MP.
It’s ok to have a throw away suggestion, but if we think rationally about this, we can help have a say in the process. Not everyone will agree with what he proposes, but if you don’t have an opinion, then don’t whinge about the end result.
One suggestion of mine is to talk to your teenagers and young adults and ask them what THEY think should be done about excess drinking, drugs, punches, punishments or deterrents. We parents are “old” in their eyes…we don’t “get it”… we’re not “cool” anymore….and for those of you who don’t have kids yet or very young kids…it’s not until your teenager starts going out for the first time that you realise how stressful it is not being able to sleep wondering if they will get home ok.
The Premier brought up a scenario…. what if a good kid, at uni, never been aggressive before, goes out and gets blind and hits someone… a first time offender…does he get the same punishment as someone who is always causing trouble on the streets and is looking for a fight?
I don’t know, I don’t have the answers. I’m not an expert in any of this… but as a mum… I know that basic human nature is to be nice to others, and not to hurt them.
Many years ago my friend said to me ” don’t step on ants, they didn’t do anything to you”…and she’s right. If someone is minding their own business, let them be. Walk away.
You have 6 weeks to have a say. Go to his FB page and start making informed, rational suggestions.”